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Bumgenius Mini Waterproof Wet Nappy Bag

Bumgenius Reusable Baby Wipes
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Flip Daytime Organic Cotton Inserts (3 pack)

Eco Friendly Parenting

eco friendly parenting

Eco-friendly Parenting for a Smarter and Greener Lifestyle

We, at Danu World, is committed to providing our valued customers with eco-friendly parenting solutions and everyday items to promote green living. Our wide collection of sustainable products include toys, reusable nappies, wet bags, water bottles and many more. Most of these items are made from natural products and the companies that make them share the same advocacies and philosophies with us. Switching to eco-friendly parenting sounds like a daunting and complicated task, but it actually isn't. It's simple and easy to get started. Sustainable products that encourage eco-friendly parenting are not only economical but also good for the environment.