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Do You Have to Give Teacher Gifts

Teachers have been working so hard throughout the year in order to inculcate and install values and academic learning in your little childrenís minds that will surely help shape their future. As a way of saying thanks, some parents are looking for unique and personalized teacher gift ideas. The gift-giving has ultimately become a trend. But, do you really have to give teachers a gift?

teacher gifts

It entirely depends on you. Most parents consider it optional rather than obligatory. But any teachers would welcome any token of appreciation from parents and students especially if it is something that would help a child develop.

Not Giving Any Gifts is Totally Ok

Itís absolutely okay not to give any gifts. You do not need to feel any pressure or obligation to give any gifts at all. Some parents have plenty of reasons why they decide not to give any token for their childís mentor like current financial situation, etc.

Some schools even have a no-gift policy to discourage parents and students from giving gifts to teachers. This policy helps prevent anything that could be perceived as favouritism and conflict of interest. The no-gift policy of schools is to be respected as it can strengthen the relationship and respect among the parents, students and teachers.

Gift-giving is sometimes connected to make up for a childís bad behavior at school though not all parents do this but it definitely happens. By doing so, children are led to believe that they could get away with everything by handing out gifts which certainly is not the kind attitude you want to cultivate.

Giving teacher gifts could be costly especially if you have more than one child enrolled in the same school. The cost could quickly add up if you are giving gifts every special occasion.

Itís also quite impractical. That money could be spent on your childrenís school needs and fees instead. Education is also expensive so weigh things down and donít be pressured.

Always remember that most teachers never expect anything in return for doing their job. They love teaching and are role models in shaping a kinder future for the children. Out of their love and passion, no amount of money can ever repay their hard work. Itís not a big deal for most teachers if they donít receive any gifts at all.

Why Giving Teachers Gift is Ok

Teachers spend most of their lives teaching. A day spent in school takes so much of their lives. In most cases, they have to skip special occasions because work is more important. Even at the comfort of their homes, they still bring their passion.

Giving a little token of appreciation can never harm but can be worth all the stress and labor of love they offer. This will put smiles on their faces that they are being thought of and they are being remembered.

Sometimes as parents we would want to showcase the spirit of generosity through gift-giving. They want to set an example to their children about being generous, thoughtful, kind and compassionate. Children will love to see their teachers happy and smiling from whatever little gift they will hand.

Instead, you can always..

Many parents feel compelled to give teachers gifts because they feel they should compete with other parents and being left behind would affect their childrenís academic standing. As mentioned, itís a prerogative and discretion. Instead of going for physical gifts, there are other things that you can give as teacher appreciation.

When you get a chance to meet your childís teacher, a simple thank you should be enough. A thank you card is also perfect, subtle and gets your message directly. If you want to make it more unique, you can have the card personalised by your child which sounds even more fantastic!

There are no rules to what gift you should be giving. No need to be lavish or go overboard. Even homemade cookies and pastries are enough. Or something from you and your childís hobby and interest.

Lastly, whatever gift you are going to give your childís teacher is totally acceptable. It is also not necessary to give either. Consider the right reasons why you should give and valid reasons why you shouldnít. Thereís no need to be extravagant and to go broke too. After all, a teacher is like a second parent to your child.

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