Bumgenius Elemental 3.0

Bumgenius Elemental 3.0

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Birth to Potty (approx 8-35lbs)





Bumgenius Elemental 3.0 NEW STYLE
Having taken on board user feedback about the massively popular v1 and v2 elementals, the clever folks over at Cottonbabies have brought you the Elemental v3! These are super trim and reliable reusable nappies, whether you have a little newborn or chunky toddler!

. Snap closure, with three rise settings to allow this nappy to grow with your baby (to fit approx 8-35lbs)
. Stretchy tabs to give a more tailored fit.
. Super thirsty Organic Cotton which provides high absorbency and a slim fit.
. Waterproof outer layer and gentle leg elastics to contain moisture.
. Oeko-Tex certified.

We find that the Bumgenius Elemental is popular among parents who are looking for a washable nappy that is more like a disposable in terms of fit. In fact, these are more or less our slimmest!

4 Stars
I preferred v 2
Bum genius my go to nappy brand. I got on much better with the natural fibres. So organic cotton is perfect. It's great at retaining moisture and if you're concerned about microfibres entering the water system. Then these are perfect for you. Pros as with all Bgs. Stretchy tabs Birth to potty so grows with you child. In fact. My daughter was out of nappies before we moved onto the highest setting on the poppers. Elasticated back for extra poo containment. Never had a poo explosion with these. The cons. Natural fibres take longer to dry. You have to get quite creative in drying elementals. This is one of the reasons why I preferred the V2 or Nbge versions. The other being I liked the PUL exposed. I found I got a better fit with V2 Stains are also harder to get out of natural fibres. As with all reusables. You can use them 100's of times before they perish. A disposable is used once and put into landfill to rot for 500years. It's also full of chemicals whereas reusables are not. I would suggest using a liner with elementals. Off this were a V2 I'd give it 5stars.
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Reviewed by:  from Salisbury . on 4/7/2018

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