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bambu utensils

Bambu Utensils

Bambu utensils are fair trade kitchen utensils made from sustainable bamboo. The kitchen utensils are made from organic bamboo which is an endless renewable, fast growing resource. The bamboo utensils are certified organic and plastic free. Using a bamboo utensil set instead of plastic is a great idea for garden, parties and on the go travel.

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Bambu Sporks
£2.26   £2.00  (1)
Bambu Bamboo Coasters with Stag Motif - Set of 4
£14.95   £6.00
Bambu Give It A Rest' Series - Spatula
£4.25   £2.00  (1)
Bambu Kitchen Basics Set of 3
Bambu Knife, Fork & Spoon Set
£8.00   £6.00
Bambu Spork & Cork
£9.00   £6.00
Bambu Baby's Bowl
£12.00   £8.00
Bambu Large Spork Two.0
£3.76   £3.00
Bambu Reversible Candle Holder Thin
Bambu Short Salad Servers
£8.50   £4.06
Bambu Bamboo Coasters Pine Tree
£15.00   £6.50
Bambu Classic Series - Large Board
Bambu Hemp Denim Tea Towel
Bambu Large Condiment Cups
Bambu Large Serving Tray
£28.00   £12.19
Bambu Mixing Spoon Large
£4.00   £2.44  (1)
Bambu Pot & Pans Scraper
Bambu Bamboo Coasters Bike
£15.00   £6.50
Bambu Curvy Servers Naked
Bambu Gaby Crumb Board
Bambu Kid's Fork & Spoon
£6.50   £4.00

Page 1 of 1:    23 Items

We love the philosophy of bamboo which is fair trade and every single piece of their bamboo cutlery and bamboo kitchen basics are high quality and go through a rigourous safety standards. Whilst they are traditionally for the kitchen and cooking, they also make great toys for sensory play for children. The benefits of using bamboo is that bamboo is the fastest growing plant system, after being harvested it immediately is growing new shoots from its root. Its produces 35 more oxygen than the equivalent and takes in greenhouse gasses. It thrives naturally without the need for pesticides or other harmful toxins, so in its wood form, its a fantastically sustainable resource which is a genuine alternative to plastic. Note however, we as a company, have chosen NOT to stock any bamboo melamine crockery or cups, as we feel they are not as sustainable as other alternatives like rice husk cups.

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