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Thought Phoebe Tights Navy M

Phoebe Tights Navy M

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Thought Stripe Boxers Gift Box
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Wings Boxers Gift Box S

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Wings Boxers Gift Box XS

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Althea Tights Sunflower M

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Althea Tights Sunflower S

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Sprig Briefs Gift Box S

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Thought Wings Boxers Gift Box M

Wings Boxers Gift Box M

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These fair trade bamboo socks really are a treat for your feet. In fact, they’ll probably be the most comfortable socks (and eco-friendly socks) you’ve ever worn. Made from bamboo viscose (or this fibre is often called bamboo rayon), and organic cotton, the fabric is silky smooth. Your feet will be so incredibly happy you might not want to take them off. So it’s just as well bamboo’s antibacterial and antifungal properties mean you can wear them for days without any nasty smells. 

Treat your feet!

Bamboo fabric is super soft, antibacterial, breathable and moisture wicking. We believe once you try this eco-friendly and ethical alternative to cotton socks you’ll never go back. Bamboo fibre has amazing properties meaning it cools you down when it’s hot and warms you up when it’s cold. And it’s just as kind to the environment as it is to your feet, bamboo grows quickly and with minimal resources making it a truly renewable and sustainable resource.

Thought bamboo use 100% natural bamboo, organic cotton and hemp, grown without harmful pesticides and chemicals as well as other natural or recycled fibres and natural dyes. Eco friendly bamboo clothing is softer, stronger and far kinder to the environment than its alternatives. As a brand Thought not only use only eco-friendly materials, they work ethically in everything they do from how they design and make their garments to delivery and packaging. Thought design clothing that is intended to last, in fact, they have a mantra “wear me, love me, mend me, pass me onâ€�. We doubt you’ll be giving yours away, although you might want to buy more as gifts. 

Some of the benefits:

  • Bamboo fabric is naturally breathable so it’s perfect for socks. It wicks moisture away from the skin meaning no more sweaty feet. A great alternative to merino wool.
  • Bamboo is great at regulating heat, it doesn’t stick to the skin and is 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton.
    The moisture wicking ability combined with the silky surface of the fabric means you are less likely to get blisters when walking.
  • It’s machine washable and can be washed over and over and still retain these properties.
  • Plus, the round, smooth surface of bamboo at a microscopic level means less irritation. Making it a perfect choice for sensitive skin, those prone to allergies, or diabetics.

These comfortable bamboo and organic cotton socks come in a great range of patterns for women and men. Each pair features funky designs in contemporary colours with contrasting toe and heel detail. Perfect for dress socks, business attire, athletic socks or just for play. They fit beautifully, are ethical, environmentally friendly and guaranteed to make you smile. In fact, the bamboo socks for men might even make getting another pair of socks for Christmas something he looks forward to. Bam!

We also stock some gorgeous fair trade knitted wool socks, perfect if you are looking for an extra layer or something a bit chunkier.

Bamboo Tights

Sustainably made from bamboo fibre and recycled polyester made from plastic bottles, these comfortable tights are super soft and lovely and cosy. A great alternative to leggings, they are perfect for wearing under your favourite dress or as an extra layer for warmth.

Again, the hypoallergenic nature of the fabric means bamboo tights are great for people with skin allergies or sensitivities. Adding recycled polyester to the bamboo yarn not only makes your tights more durable and elastic but it also means less plastic in landfill and less petroleum is used to make your clothes.

So if you want to update your wardrobe to be more ethically conscious, an easy way to start your path to ethically clothing and eco-fashion is socks and tights and then you can move onto organic cotton clothing, shirts, bamboo underwear (we have bamboo boxers and bamboo pants) and organic dresses. So get your shoe size, pick your gorgeous pattern and look forward to lovely comfortable sustainable socks!

Sustainable fashion starts with environmentally friendly, comfortable underwear that fits like a glove. Just like their bamboo socks, Thought Clothing bamboo underwear is ultra soft, breathable, and a joy to wear. The slight elasticity of the material gives a great fit, and they move with the body, making them ideal whatever the activity. In fact, we believe ethical fashion has the upper hand in the undergarment department. Once you try bamboo underwear we doubt you'll be going back to cotton underwear in a hurry. 

The structure of the bamboo plant and the resulting fabric means bamboo products are great for absorbing moisture and super breathable. Plus, the fact that bamboo fibre is incredibly smooth and hypoallergenic means bamboo clothing is great if you have sensitive skin.

Both the men’s underwear and women’s underwear are made from a mix of viscose from bamboo and certified organic cotton, making them ultra soft, supple and durable. The natural wicking properties of the bamboo fabric, combined with natural breathability make it a comfier and more hygienic alternative to either nylon or cotton panties.

The bamboo boxer shorts and women's briefs and boxer briefs come in a pack of three, beautifully boxed and ready to give or keep. They are very comfortable to wear and the cotton bamboo mixture makes them very breathable. Thought Clothing, was previously called Braintree clothing and was known for its sustainable, fair trade quality fashion. The whole bamboo clothing range is stylish, sustainable and ethical!