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Are Teachers Allowed to Accept Gifts From Parents

So it’s that time of the year when you’re planning to buy a gift for your child’s teacher to show your appreciation for her hard work and dedication. Before buying a teacher gift, be cautious and make sure to check with your child’s school if they have a no-gift policy which is pretty common nowadays. Although there’s nothing wrong about giving gifts to teachers, most of us think of it as thoughtful and kind, it could still potentially cause trouble for you and your child.

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Gift Giving

Some parents feel pressured and obligated to buy their children’s teacher gifts due to the culture of gift-giving and they don’t want their children to feel left out. In some cases, it’s even some sort of a competition among parents. But honestly, no parent should feel any pressure to give a gift at all. This is one of the reasons why some schools have a no-gift policy. It’s a standard in some organisations to not allow employees to receive personal gifts. Such a policy is in place to prevent resentment from students because gift-giving could be construed as a bribe to gain good graces from the teacher.

Fortunately, some schools are accepting donations, either in a form of money or school supplies, in lieu of individual gifts for teachers. Most teachers even prefer this kind of gift-giving because it benefits the entire class not just them. Even if teachers are not paid huge salaries, most of them consider students’ development as a reward. There’s nothing more to make them happy than to see their students’ excel in academic and extracurricular activities.

Some schools partner with charities so you could give to these institutions instead. You may also ask your child’s teachers if they have charities that are close to their heart. Teachers would definitely appreciate this gesture from your part.

However, if you are not in a financial situation where you can buy gifts or give donations, you can always take a more personal approach by thanking your children’s teachers directly for taking good care of them and doing something important. Your words of appreciation would certainly go a long way because teaching especially little kids could be challenging.

You could also go a more creative route by having your child make a personalised thank you card. It should be a bonding moment that you can share with your child as well. Most teachers accept thank you cards and handwritten notes. They’re far better than shop bought teacher gifts.

If your child’s school allows teacher gifts, make sure to check with them if they have a limit on how much you can spend on gifts for teachers. Some schools put a gift limit to prevent competition and resentment among students and parents. If you have a huge budget for gift-giving, you can coordinate with the school if there’s something they want that could make their teaching job easier like school supplies, gym equipment, etc.

In conclusion, teachers can accept gifts from parents if the school does not have a no-gift policy. Majority of the teachers accept gifts that would benefit the entire class or school like school equipment, pencils, markers and other stationery supplies. If the school has a strict no-gift policy, you can ask your child’s school if they are partnered with charities in your area and if they do, you can make a donation to those organisations instead. However, there’s the oldie but goodie which would not cost any dime. You can thank your child’s teachers and show your appreciation directly to them and commend them for doing such a good job in teaching your child.

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