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A Guide To Switching To Natural Deodorant

guide to switching to natural deodorant

Guide To Switching To Natural Deodorant

If you have been using mass-produced deodorants which contain aluminium then your body needs to go through an adjustment phase before you turn to aluminium free deodorant. It needs to rid itself of all the toxins which have been blocking its pores and during this period, you may find that your body odour is stronger than it normally is.

What to expect when beginning to transition to aluminium free deodorant?

This really depends on you. Some people can transition in a few days, others take a few weeks. Your body has become depending on the aluminium so will react to stopping it. I often hear people say natural deodorant didn't work for them, they were smellier and this is simply because they were going through the detox period. Be prepared or prepare to fail!

You can expect to transition for between two to four weeks and during this time, you might find you smell a bit stronger than usual After some time, however, you will find the smell goes completely because your body and its good bacteria has restored its natural balance.

Week 1-2 Deodorant Detox

The first week you might find little happens as it usually takes at least a week for the toxins in the sweat ducts to become unblocked. The aluminium usually lasts at least a week before it starts getting released. 

Once the aluminium been released then your body will react a lot more strongly initially. There will be a big increase in bacteria in your underarm as your body is trying to find its natural levels. We suggest washing your underarms a lot more frequently at this stage. Also, help the detox by wearing natural fibres (only necessary during the detox phase!) and cool clothes. But honestly, this is just a case of washing frequently and often and ensuring that you thoroughly dry your underarm at each wash. 

Week 3-4  Detox Transition

At this stage, your body has probably found its natural levels and the bacteria will have levelled itself out. This means it should stop overproducing strong odour and excessive sweat. This is your body just normalising itself and means you are over the worst! By week four you have transitioned, detoxed and can now carry on as normal. Your body will sweat, its a natural function but you should find that you need to use a lot less deodorant than you have before. Your body is better at regulating itself. Natural deodorant contains arrowroot powder to keep you dry, usually contains bicarbonate of soda to de-odourise any bacteria and then lovely smelling natural essential oils to keep you smelling fresh.

Once you have detoxed from aluminium deodorant, you don't need to detox if switching between natural deodorant brands, the hard work has been done! You will also find you have a lot less waste as all those single-use plastic roll-ons will be consigned to history! Most people find they only need to use a tiny amount of natural deodorant, as it really does work WITH your body, not AGAINST it!

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