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Tidlo Fire Engine Set
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Tidlo Fire Station Set
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Indigo Jamm Freddie Fire engine
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Tidlo Hospital Set
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Firefighters are often a child's heroes, our miniature set of wooden fireman figurines will enable children to play out a variety of games around your house. They will love putting them on a toy fire engine and pushing them to rescue dolls from the scene of a fire, whilst making the sounds of the sirens. Children can then take their engine back to the fire station to park up and their figurines can prictice and climb on the realistic drill tower. Our bright red Indigo Jamm Freddie toy fire engine comes complete with fire fighter figurines, and working ladder.

Cops and robbers has long been a favourite game amongst children, so they will adore our set of police officers and criminal. When played with in conjunction with our wooden police station set, children will delight in catching the bad guy and putting him in jail. Our plan toys rescue car or emergency vehicle set will work perfectly with this play set. Role play toys encourage children to engage in pretend play, which in turn is great for child development, especially in these early years.

Our wooden toy doctors sets are sure to be a hit with your kids. Girls and boys alike will love to dress up in costumes and then, using their various different tools, will diagnose and treat parents, their stuffed animals and even pets! In our Plan toys medical kit kids have everything they need including a stethoscope, reflex hammer, thermometer, syringe and blood pressure cuff, these all pack away neatly in a carry case that children will love unpacking, packing, and taking from patient to patient.

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