It started with a Danu fan posting in our Facebook group a beautiful photo of babywearing at Glenoe Waterfall, and another mama declaring ooh that's on the bucket list of top 25 things to do in Ireland. And so.. the Danu Bucket List Challenge was born. The challenge is for a Danu woven wrap to visit the top 25 sites, being wor as a babywearing wrap, before Christmas. Starting on 8th November, that gives us just 47 days to do 25 sites ... the challenge is on!

Danu woven wraps are woven on the last genuine Irish linen damask loom in Northern Ireland. Once linen weaving was a major industry in Northern Ireland, with nearly every family involved somehow. At its height nearly every family in Northern Ireland had a member employed in the trade, or its offshoots. It was vital for the local economy, but sadly as cheaper imported fabrics grew, this industry has slowly died. Only a handful of looms are left in Northern Ireland, weaving genuine Irish linen.

Danu's woven items are all woven and handmade in Northern Ireland. Ireland, its people, landscape, culture, legends and history have inspired all of our unique designs. Through the bucket list challenge, we hope to share with you the beautiful country of Ireland, so you too can be inspired. 

The rules of the Danu bucket list challenge are fairly simple. One Danu wovn wrap, a Tu-whoo, tu-whoo! Glimfeather in size 6 has to weave (get the pun!) its way around 25 top irish tourist destinations. At each destination it must be photographed there, being used as a babywearing wrap. Each person taking part can only do one destination officially, but are welcome to go along to other destinations as bonus ones or with other people taking part. Once they have taken their photo, they must pass the wrap onto the next person taking part in the Danu challenge. We hope to cover most of Ireland and let the rest of the world see how beautiful it is.  

Can we do it? Follow this blog to find out, and see all that Ireland and Danu have to offer!

Here is a sneak peek of Danu on tour, around a Celtic cross in Armagh...   #danubucketchallenge