Our last stop in Armagh and this time we visited both of the St Patrick's Cathedral's. Yes, the tiny city of Armagh has two cathedrals and both are named after St. Patrick, and both are beautiful and well worth a visit.

two cathedrals in armagh

First we visited Saint Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral which stands on the hill from which the City of Armagh derives its name – Ard Macha; the hill of Macha. St. Patrick reached Armagh where, following some hard negotiating with a local Chieftain, Daire, he was given his desired site on the hill of Armagh. In what is believed to be the year 445, he built his church. Whether or not the building was of stone, as the Irish name Damhliag Mor implies, is uncertain but there certainly was a great stone church at Armagh in the ninth century, according to the Annals of Ireland. It is on this same site that today's Cathedral stands, and it was Patrick who decreed that the Great Church at Armagh should be the premier church in Ireland. The site is also the resting place of Brian Boru - the High King of Ireland.