I loved participating in the Danu bucket challenge. The owl design is stunning artistry. Perfect for winter. The contrast of the silvery gray and the deep navy blue will look amazing while Christmas shopping, adding a whole new level to your Christmas experience, AND it's not overtly Christmassy so it will be great all winter long. 

I was expecting the wool to feel itchy and was pleasantly surprised how soft it was straight away, without being pre-washed. The wool wraps are the only ones that don't come pre-washed, and I totally agree with Danu's decision on that one. it should be hand washed or washed on a wool cycle I believe, I'm still researching this. Even though I only had the wrap for two nights, it is breaking in REALLY quickly. I would even venture to say that you could do any wrap straight out of the box!

I love that the owl is the perfect size to show an entire owl covering my baby's back, although I found myself wanting to wrap again and again to get it just right, so this may not be ideal if you need to wrap quickly. Obviously it doesn't have to be perfectly placed and with time I would either learn how to adjust placement quicker or I would let go of wanting to have a picture prefect wrap job. I am really looking forward to the next release to see how they use the Merino wool.