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9 Eco-friendly Gift Ideas for Men

>Being eco-friendly can start anywhere. It can be through gift-giving where unique gift guides for men can influence the recipient of the beautiful reasons for going green. It can also be a testament that the use of single-used plastics can be prevented.

Letís take a look at some of the best eco-friendly gifts that are ideal for men.


1. Reusable Water Bottles and Coffee Cups

Everyone loves coffee in the morning and if your man is a coffee-lover then a reusable coffee cup is the perfect gift. KeepCup, rCup and Chillyís have a wide selection of reusable coffee cups featuring stylish designs and colours so thereís something to fit every manís personality.

Reusable water bottles like Chillyís, Kleen Kanteen and Qwetch have an amazing range of stainless steel water bottles to keep your man hydrated on the go. Whether he enjoys an active lifestyle or just want to stay hydrated while at work, a reusable water bottle make for a great gift.

Some companies and brands have unique features that are ideal for men to switch from coffee to liquors to healthy juices. They can even use some of these bottles with outstanding lids for easy hydration sips whilst on the move.

2. Organic Cotton Clothes

Organic cotton is more environmentally-friendly than regular cotton because it is grown using sustainable methods without the use of any chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers and GMOs. Organic cotton is good for humans, too. Many studies suggest links between the aforementioned nasty chemicals and a range of illnesses like headaches, endocrine disruption and many more.

Beanies, shirts, hoodies and shorts that are made from organic cotton are ideal gifts for men.

3. Plastic-Free Toiletries

Toiletries such as shaving kits, beard balms, beard soap, shampoo bars and natural deodorants are some of the most common used products by men.

Since men are pretty basic and straightforward, there is no harm in giving toiletries that are plastic-free and promotes zero-waste. Personal care products made from natural ingredients like Lamazunaís solid shampoo or Airmidís Irish Handmade Coffee Scrub soap make for wonderful gifts for any occasion.

These products are totally free from nasty chemicals, making great to humans and the environment.

4. Zero-Waste Lunch

Some of the zero-waste gift ideas are ideal to be used for lunch. Donít let your man go out without a straw and gift him a set of reusable straws from Eco Living or encourage him to eat healthy food by bringing home cooked meals in stainless steel lunch boxes from U-Konserve or tasty sandwich wrapped in beeswax wraps from Keep Leaf.

5. Ethically Made Socks

Another great gift you can give your man is a pair of bamboo socks. Bamboo socks have been popular recently due to environmental concerns and they provide a whole new experience for his feet. Most bamboo socks available on the market are made from seamless natural bamboo fibers that are breathable and soft with just the right amount of thickness. Talk about comfy feet!

6. The Gift of Learning and Experience

Learning and experiences are one of the best gifts for men. They can turn into an upskill or a memory that they can live forever or look back.

This gift idea will never consume hours of your life wrapping it up or even use a single wrapper thus help preserve the environment and resources.

Instead, it serves as a ticket to plenty of adventures and activities that keep the recipient moving depending on what experience is gifted.

A painting class, water tubing, a day at the spa or a cooking class can be gifted for men. Make sure you know what they are fond of or if these experiences are to their liking.

7. Subscription

A subscription is another eco-friendly gift idea for men where nothing gets wrapped or nothing gets thrown away to the bins.

The gift makes an eco-friendly approach by subscribing to a weekly/monthly access to local farmís products or an eco shop that sells planet-friendly goods.

It can do good as it can promote less carbon emissions on going back and forth to supply stores or groceries. Men are so not into shopping so a subscription can do more for them.

8. Gift Card

Finding the right gift for men can sometimes be daunting. Yet, a gift card for eco-friendly shops and brands can make it less of a hassle.

Gift cards allow people to choose what gift they like rather than have you spend an entire eternity guessing around and choosing.

One way of it being good for the environment is it reduce carbon footprint and reduce pollution of wrappers.

9. Sustainably Made Backpack

A backpack should be durable, comfortable and stylish. When choosing a backpack, look for something that fits your manís lifestyle and his specific needs. If heís a digital nomad and always brings his laptop with him, buy a backpack with extra padding and locks.

There are many backpack brands that are made from sustainable materials like cotton canvas and recycled materials. These materials are eco-friendly and less taxing on the environment. Also, look for brands that are committed to fair trade practices like paying their workers a living wage while providing health care benefits.

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