natural deodorant
Petit Lulu Maxi Night Nappy
Petit Lulu Small Wet Bag
Bigjigs Dolls Bed
Bigjigs Picnic Bench
Tony's Chocolonely Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut 180g
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Cocoa Loco - Egg & Spoon

Welcome to Danu - Plastic Free Shop
We are a zero waste sustainable store which cares!

If you are looking for an ethical, sustainable plastic free shop, well welcome to Danu World. We have made real efforts to find manufacturers who have really thought, not just abotu their product, but also the packaging it comes in. Many of the products we sell are made from recycled materials. Whilst off course this is the last step in an environmentally friendly way of life, if you do need to buy something new, check first if you can get one made from recycled items, or if the material you are buying is recyclable.  We have a wide range of sustainable gifts in stock, from reusable coffee cups to zero waste and recycled products. We have lots of options in stock and are always adding new zero waste products as more manufacturers get on board the plastic free revolution! On your journey to being zero waste, some products are easily replaced, others may take a bit of work transitioning to plastic-free and we are here to help you on every step of that journey.

Eco friendly packaging is at the core of what we do at Danuworld, all of our packaging is recycled and we have chosen manufacturers who use recycled packaging, natural inks and only have recyclable packaging. As part of the community, we also recycle boxes from our business neighbours in our business park, so don't be surprised if your post comes in a wheelchair box or a food box! 

Plastic Free Materials - Sustainable Deliveries

It is vitally important to us, that when you have gone to the effort to buy plastic free, that, well, we deliver it as plastic free as we can. Note first and foremost we reuse absolutely every bit of packaging which comes to us. Not only that, but all the businesses in our business park also give us all their excess packaging which we use. So your delivery may come in a wheelchair box or a coffee box. Any plastic which comes with your delivery, rest assured we have reused it, it came into us. Instead of using single use plastic packaging, we shred and reuse all the cardboard boxes. So your delivery might just come a little bit scruffy, as its been reused (often several times). We hope that is OK with you.

Danuworld is all about sustainability, going zero waste and reducing our environmental impact, but also ensuring that we trade fairly and ethically in everything we do. This is more than just doing the recycling, as a community we have to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and single use plastic, we have to make the difference. We hope we have helped you make the switch, and if you have any more recommendations or product proposals then please let us know!

No Plastic Products - We Plant trees instead

So enjoy your plastic-free shopping, we looking forward to helping you on your zero waste journey, and planting a tree for every order placed on our site.